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My name is Charlotte

Below you will find, a couple of words about me

Here is a little tid bit on my youth to establish some familiarity about who I am. I was born in Oxford, Mississippi on a hot humid 92 degree day at 2:35pm. My parents were both students at Ole Miss at the time. My mother chose that university as it was her father’s Alma mater and I have no idea why my father chose Ole Miss. I was born to parents who were clueless and ill prepared for having a baby on their hands so my maternal grandparents “adopted” me. I was driven to Sylvania, Georgia by my mother’s brother and there I lived until my grandmother’s rheumatoid arthritis flared. My grandfather could not watch me full time as he had duties as the only Trauma Surgeon in 5 counties. I was then taken in by my paternal Grandparents in Charleston, South Carolina.

My paternal grandfather was retired from the Air Force (a wonderful human being) and my paternal grandmother was a house wife (a very mean spiteful alcoholic who hated children). I stayed with them until my parents moved from Mississippi to Charleston where I remember living in an apartment until I was about 4. I do not know the details but I then found myself back in Sylvania, Georgia and that is where I had the happiest of childhoods. I do not have many good memories of visitations and joy being with my paternal grandparents and I will touch upon that later as it helped to mold the person I am today.Charlotte Scott Gilbert Sylvania Georgia

I was raised by my grandparents to be kind, diligent, forthright, and independent. Through them I learned to appreciate history, reading, school and travel. By the time I was 15 I had already been to five different countries. By 19 I had been to 12. We also traveled the United States and especially the far west. Their generosity knew no bounds when it came to me and my education. I was taught the value of loving animals, dirt and sunshine….so much has happened since I was a child ~ shenanigans, heartbreak, laughter, adventure plus much more and I invite you on this journey.

There will be passages that will be tough to read and passages that will leave you with smiles but I ask that you enjoy this blog and if you take away anything helpful, that warms my heart.